How we can ensure you deliver?

We offer a complete solution. We will create a bespoke workplace pension strategy that is the optimum fit for your company. We will then implement the changes while engaging and motivating your employees to ensure you see a return on your investment into the workplace pension plan.

You can tailor the services you require from us, which will depend on the type of workplace pension you have (or wish to have) and your needs. We offer the following services to help you design and implement a workplace pension scheme that will deliver on your investment.


We have the knowledge and expertise of the workplace pensions industry to enable you to deliver a cost-effective solution that will attract key personnel and motivate your existing workforce. We can advise you on the range of options available and the best fit for your company. Our experts can support you to ensure you meet the workplace pension requirements and design a scheme for you as well as process reviews.

As a consultancy at the forefront of our industry, we have attracted partners across industry with the same core principles – to provide our clients with the most cost effective, up to date and expertly administered employee benefits programmes. We pride ourselves on our unprecedented service levels and will support you in meeting the new workplace pension requirements.


A motivated workforce is vital to a successful business and designing an employee benefits programme to ensure employees feel valued and empowered is the key. The workplace pension provides an excellent opportunity to engage with your employees. We can help you to communicate the intrinsic value of the workplace pension scheme to your staff and the value of your investment. We use a variety of methods of communication that will educate and guide your employees through the changes.

Management solution

We have the solution to manage auto enrolment pensions and at the heart of this is our software, will help you manage your workplace pension scheme in the simplest, cost-effective, yet most comprehensive way, whilst also engaging with your employees so they appreciate your investment in them.

In short, we will ensure you get the best value from your investment through an integrated approach. Our consultancy, communication and management solution will ensure your workplace pension scheme meets all requirements, is understood and appreciated by your employees and vitally, delivers a return on your investment.

Company Health Check

There are significant changes in how Employee Benefits will be transacted in the future. i.e. fees, commissions, charges etc.

New Government legislation has made it difficult for Corporate Clients to understand if they are receiving real value for the management of their Employee Benefit Programmes. Churchills unique "Health Check" will quickly establish if you are receiving competitive pricing for the services you require.

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